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Introduced in Drupal 6, the Schema API allows modules to declare their database tables in a structured array (similar to the Form API) and provides API functions for creating, dropping, and changing tables, columns, keys, and indexes.

The Schema module provides additional Schema-related functionality not provided by the core Schema API that is useful for module developers. Currently, this includes:

  • Schema documentation: hyperlinked display of the schema's embedded documentation explaining what each table and field is for.
  • Schema structure generation: the module examines the live database and creates Schema API data structures for all tables that match the live database.
  • Schema comparison: the module compares the live database structure with the schema structure declared by all enabled modules, reporting on any missing or incorrect tables.

Note for MySQL users: The Schema module requires MySQL 5. Prior versions of MySQL do not support the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database that the Schema module uses to inspect the database.

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